Yunnan is waiting for tourists as trans-provincial tours resumed


After the General Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued a notice on July 14 to promote the resumption of tourism industry, various popular tourist destinations in Yunnan have gotten ready for trans-provincial summer tours now. 



The reservation of home stay in Dali has gradually increased and now the occupancy rate reaches 60%. 

Some tourism companies in Dali are busy designing new tourist routes after the opening of new airlines in cities like Shenzhen, Fuzhou and Lhasa. Preferential tours for candidates of this year’s college entrance examination are also on going. 

“All the staff are very excited to start working. During the past half year, many different tourist routes have already been designed and we’re waiting for the flourishing business which may be caused by the resumption of trans-provincial travel,” the general manger of Dali Xike Travel Agency Zhao Yonghui said. 


Tourists from a tour group organized by the travel agency can get free admission to A-level and above tourist attractions if purchasing tickets on the platform “一部手机游云南”, so a number of scenic spots in Yuxi, such as Stone Forest, Jiuxiang, Aladdin town and Alu Ancient Cave are really  popular among Yunnan people.  

Now, there is neither tour group leaving from Yuxi to other provinces nor groups from other provinces to Yuxi. “ It just needs some time for the tourists to prepare and I believe things will become much better next month,” Feng Da, a local tour guide, said. 

As an excellent place to view FuXian Lake, Xiaowan village has already get ready for the coming trans-provincial summer tours. In the past six months, many home-stay hotels have trained their employees to provide better services and planed new leisure and entertainment activities to cater customers. For example, home-stay Fangcunjian has planed experiential courses such as tea ceremony, flower arranging and yoga. 


To facilitate the recovery of travel market, eight scenic spots of Tengchong jointly launched a Tik Tok competition that users whose video gets the most thumb up and comments can get Ctrip gift cards. But the videos must be shot in scenic spots Beihai Wetland, the Ancient Town of Heshun, Yun Feng mountain, Longchuan River rafting, Ginkgo village, Rehai scenic spot, Volcanic Geopark and Memorial Hall of Anti Japanese war in western Yunnan and added the topic #夏花春风腾冲相逢#.

In addition, China Express has opened two new routes from Baoshan to Lancang and Pu 'er since July 22, and preferential tickets with a minimum price of 250 yuan are available. Flight G54737 from Baoshan to Lancang and Flight G54735 from Baoshan to Pu 'er take off on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday; Flight G5473 from Baoshan to Lancang and Flight G54736 from Baoshan to Pu 'er leaves on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 



The outbreak of COVID-19 has greatly impacted people’s view of tourism and health-keeping traveling has become hot. Qujing as a tourist destination highlighting wellness tourism is a good choice for tourists from other provinces. 

At present, Love Town in Qilin District has a pleasant scenery, with verbena swaying in full bloom and fragrant in the air. Windmills of various colors spin freely on the green grass. Visitors can enjoy flowers and barbecue, fly kites, ride horses or take a bath in the cozy hot spring.

In Huize Dahai Grass Mountain, hillsides are dotted with bright flowers and flocks of cattle and sheep and valleys are trickled by vigorous streams. Tourists here could cozily enjoy mutton Shashlik and potatoes roasted by cow dung under the blue sky and white clouds, camping at night to look up at twinkling stars. 

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