Red buckwheat flower booming at Nianhu lake of Huize attracts visitors


Nianhu Lake of Dazexiang, Huize seems like the paradise of varieties of birds. Each year there are 179 species of birds spending their winter here, more than 30,000 in total. The black-necked cranes that come here every year make up for 10% of the world’s total black-necked cranes.



Though appreciating birds in winter has become an attraction of Nianhu lake, after those migratory birds’ leaving, the lake is somehow lonely. To cover this shortage, Huize Black-necked Crane National Reserve requisitioned more than 200 mu land and cultivated plants including dandelion, erigeron breviscapus, calamus, iris to construct a Nature Education Base. 



The administration of the reserve also planted numerous buckwheat alongside the lake. When it booms, the beautiful red flower attracts more and more people to take their wedding photos here; when it matures, the seeds could be used to feed the black-necked cranes.



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