Luoping Cole Flower Festival opens on January 20th

[file photo]

[file photo]

[InKunming-Kunming]  Luoping Cole Flower Tourism Festival which is held one time in each year kicked off on January 20th this year.

Cole flowers that covered 800,000 mu in Luoping are in bloom in recent days.

It is said that the festival will last for two and a half months, and may end on April 7th this year.

According to a principal of Luoping Tourism Bureau, Hui Wenhua introduced that the cole flower festival brought in comprehensive income of 1.26 billion yuan to Luoping county last year, totally received 1.38 million tourists.

It is predicted that tourism comprehensive income from the festival may rise 0.8% this year, and attract over 1.5 million tourists in Luoping.

Varied activities such as photography exhibition, the national fitness sports meeting, mountain bike race, cultural communication and tourism promotion activity, Cole Flower Sea Sightseeing Activity, Double Second Festival, and Double Third Festival will be conducted one by one during the cole flower festival.

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