City of Flower to be a new name card of Yunnan tourism

A large-scale peacock model is set under the the spotlight in the hall of City of Flower Tourism Complex. [Provided to InKunming]

[InKunming--Attractions]  City of Flower Tourism Complex, a to-be name card to exhibit Yunnan's beautiful and fresh flowers in the province, and a landmark among tourist resorts, is located on Jinwa Road, between Second East Ring Highway and Third East Ring Highway, in Kunming.

"How beautiful City of Flower Tourism Complex is. Only in Yunnan, tourists could appreciate such a large amount of flowers, and experience beauty that all kinds of flowers bring to customers. " Ms. Tian, a tourist acclaimed after she traveled in the City of Flower Tourism Complex.

The tourism complex was constructed with 3 billion yuan during past 3 years. According to its construction plan, the complex contains the first garden mall, the biggest flower-themed greenhouse, and the first China-France Perfume Museum in the world,and also contains the biggest single five-star hotel in China.

The hotel built in the City of Flower Tourism Complex is the first flower hotel in the world that tourists could appreciate hundreds of flowers within, learn flower culture, and takes delight in experiencing beauty of of flowers. Meanwhile, the tourism complex also contains a big mart that solely sells flowers.

Until now, the City of Flower Tourism Complex has trialed running for 35 days. During the period, large quantities of tourists and citizens visited the complex. Each of them was charged 50 yuan per person. It is expected to accept 4 million people per year.

At the end of this year, the five-star flower hotel within the tourism complex is to finish its construction. Tourists who want to visit the complex could book rooms in the hotel after its completion of construction.

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