Endangered thin beak vulture first spotted in Jinggu, Yunnan

On July 4th ,the PSB Forest Police Brigade received a telephone notification from local police station at 4 p.m. around that that a policeman took back a big bulky birds with uncertain species,the brigade then hurried to the station.

The experts said it’s a thin beak vulture(also called Gyps tenuirostris), which is extremely endangered. It’s the first time this kind of bird is spotted in Yunnan.


When found by a local who was fishing at the Xiangshui Reservoir, the vulture looked very weak. Fortunately, the examination showed it’s not injured. After eating some meat,it slowly recovered its strength.


Till now, the vulture is temporarily raised in the PSB Forest Police Brigade, and stays in good condition.

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(Editors:Sam, Rachel) 

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