Yunnan put ¥6 mln to preserve endangered Va culture in Cangyuan

Cangyuan is one of the only two autonomous counties of va people in China. The total population reaches 180,000, and 79.74 percent are Va people . However, people who are able to write in Va language is less than 3,000 today.

The local government has invested more than 6 million yuan to protect and maintain the traditional culture of Va ethnic group.

The money has ben used to protect and maintain the dwelling houses in Wengdin Village that is hailed as the "last primitive tribe in China". The village is 33 kilometers from the county seat. Enjoying a history of 400 years, the old hatched cottages, totem, family-based handicraft workshop, rooms for sacrificing and wooden drums have been well kept here.

Training classes for introducing historical culture, skills of dictating stories, knowledge of traditional manners, traditional costume making, singing, dancing and playing the instrument to have been arranged, aiming to heritage the endangered culture of Va people. Besides, the teaching materials are Va language oriented in the elementary schools. People can also watch the bilingual TV series. Va language and mandarine, in the county. (Editors:Lynn, Minnie Mao)

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