Endangered birds found in Changqiaohai wetland in Mengzi


[InKunming--YunnanThe branch of Yunnan Wildlife Conservation Association, Kunming bird association and other bird watching amateurs who incessantly monitor the birds discover many species, including sterna caspia, oriental white stork and greylag goose which were found in Honghe prefecture for the first time . Some of the birds are already on brink of extinction, like small pratincole.


On November 25, a large, white bird with black wing feathers was spotted by two bird watching amateurs. It had red skin around its eyes, with a whitish iris and black bill. It was identified as the oriental white stork listed in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. 


Oriental white stork is a unique species in east Asia. It breeds in the far east of Russia and northeast of China. It migrates southward in late September every year and mainly inhabits in the eastern part of China. On January 5 to 6, 1992, researchers found this bird wintering in a marsh on the southeast bank of Lugu Lake, which was the first record in Yunnan province. 


Besides, small pratincole also appeared here. This bird had short legs, long pointed wings and short tail. Its short bill was an adaptation to aerial feeding. The wings were grey above with black primaries and black and white bars at the rear edge of the inner flight feathers. The tail is white with a black terminal triangle and the belly is white. 

Although the small pratincole is recorded in the southeast of Tibet, bird watching amateurs can only catch a glimpse of it in south or southwest Yunnan.


The greylag goose is easily recognized with its red mouth and feet. It is mainly distributed in northwest Yunnan, and it is the first discovery in Honghe prefecture.


According to the related official, migratory birds normally have three routes to transit or stay in Yunnan, among which two migration paths just pass through Mengzi, making the bird resource rich here.

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