Again, Kunming is included in the list of China's top 10 best cities to Live in

Kunming becomes one of China’s Top 10 Best Cities to Live in after the Survey of Economic Life in China was issued by China Media Group on July 6. Other cities on the list are Shanghai, Changsha, Changchun, Beijing, Qingdao, Jinan, Haikou, Shenzhen, and Xiamen. 

The Survey of Economic Life was jointly conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics, China Post Group Corporation and the National Development Institute of Peking University, with an index system consists of 3 first-level indexes, including the sense of gain, happiness and security,  and 21 second-level indexes. Its sample consists of 130,000 valuable questionnaires delivered by postmen and airline crew, and is a large-scale global survey of people's livelihood. 

It is the second time for Kunming to appear in the list of China’s Top 10 Best Cities to live in. According to the survey, Kunming is especially the ideal city for young people aged between 18 and 35.  


Good ecological environment  


Kunming is one of top five provincial capitals in air quality in China, and the water quality of Yangzonghai lake and Dianchi Lake has become increasingly better these years. 

Convenient travel 



In 2009, another 194 kilometers of expressways was opened to traffic, which means the total length of expressway of Kunming exceeds 1,000 kilometers and the total length of highway is over 20,000 kilometers. 


The length of subway under construction in Kunming is 97.3 kilometers, and the second phase of Line 4 and Line 6 is ready for traffic. 



Better medical and health care service

5 state-level comprehensive stroke centers, 4 Chest Pain Centers, 3 trauma treatment centers, 3 provincial critical maternal treatment centers and 3 children and newborn treatment centers were established in 2019. The infant mortality rate and the maternal mortality rate was 2.66‰ and 7.95/100,000 respectively, lower than the national average level. 


Quality educational resources 


In 2019, Kunming ranked the first in Yunnan province in terms of important indicators of college entrance examination, and the gap with Chengdu and Xi 'an was greatly narrowed. All students from registered poor families can get educational subsidy. 

Progressive poverty alleviation work

Three poverty-stricken counties in Kunming got rid of poverty in 2019. Decisive progress has been made in poverty alleviation and the regional poverty problem in this city has been completely addressed.



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