American guy Jordan's loving story with Kunming

Jordan (wearing a red hat) celebrated Chrismas Day with his friends in Kunming.

[InKunming--Interviews & Polls]  As for Jordan, coming to Kunming is like reading an interesting book which remains him plenty of intriguing mysteries to discover. He firstly encountered Kunming 6 years ago. Then, he came back again in 2013 and settled down in the city evermore.

Jordan came to China to pursue his wonderful dream in 2008. Then he spent about two years in around different cities, such as Guangzhou, Chengdu, Harbin and Xi'an. By a chance, he came to visit his friends in Kunming and was deeply impressed by the fantastic scenery here. It seems nowhere is likeso-called paradise until he encounters Kunming.

Stepping from Kunming to Chenggong

Until now Jordan still remember his first trip to Kunming.

"Lemon hot pot tasted great. We love it but I cannot find it now." His friends celebrated his birthday by enjoying local cuisine in Yuanxi Road. The last day, they got up early and climbed the West Mountain to communicate with the serene nature. After that, Jordan always recalled the joyful moments in Kunming. He really hoped that he can live in Kunming to do what he likes. For example, inhaling fresh air, climbing rolling hills, staring at quiet night sky and listening to twinkling stars.

As a result, Jordan stepped in Kunming again as he expected. Among all the counties, he has chosen Chenggong and settled down.

"There are lots of similarities between Chenggong and my hometown Wisconsin." Even though he thought about living in main city, he was attracted by the the sense of belonging in Chenggong. He loved the quiet and peaceful atmosphere there.

Jordan and a granny he met when climbing mountain.

Triflinggifts with profoundfeeling

“Hi, nice to meet you and my Chinese name is Yixuan (逸轩). Because of one year “Chinese only” challenge in Harbin, he can speak good Chinese. He also gave himself an artist Chinese name.

However, sometimes he cannot talk with local people without obstacles. The first thing in the morning is to buy some great vegetables. When capturing the scene that a few farmers Squatting down at the corners holding baskets full of fresh stuff, he is pretty excited.

It took a short period of time to get along well with the farmers since he sometimes cannot understand dialects. Jordan gradually got to know that these diligent farmers come from the poor neighboring village---Wanxichong.

When the Christmas came to town in 2015, a bold and meaningful idea occurred to Jordan. Namely, he planed to send some presents to the villagers with the help of his lovely friends.

However, some villagers doubted his intention even though he tried hard to show his kindness in fluent Chinese over and over again. Even there was a family regarding Jordan as a bad apple.

"There was a dingy and gloomy house. A couple worn crumpled clothes standing in front of the mud road." This family impressed him a lot. At that time, when Jordan and his Chinese roommate Gaojin walked close to them, the man directly refused the presents and asked them to leave right away.

"I thought he might misunderstand me." he smiled. What's more, Jordan did not give up. They patiently explained that the gift was completely free and passed it to the nice woman beside. It is an amazing thing that majority of villagers accepted his love and were grateful for them.

Meanwhile, what made Jordan remember the most is an old man bowing to find the available things in a rubbish dump. "Although he cannot figure out my Putonghua well, he showed his deep gratitude with hands folded."

Chenggong seems like Jordan's home where these villagers are his families. What he has done merely wanted the children here to be the same happy as he was young.


Simple cards with sincere blessings

On the other side, Jordan lives a joyful life in Kunming. He likes wondering the University Town where he can make friends with young students. At night, he always spends time reading classics and talking about them with roommates. When it comes to weekend, playing Frisbee and tasting coffee are the theme activities.

Here comes the problem. His friends will be stressful everytime the final tests are on the way. Sometimes they have to burn the midnight oil to review the textbooks like a night owl. Jordan admitted that he can feel the same way because he was not very good at studying either during the undergraduate period.

"I feel energetic every day in the beautiful Spring City and I am willing to share with my friends." He explained and prepared quiet a few lovely cards where a happy kid dances or a motto contains a deep theory and a host of things.

Shortly after that, he just rode his bike to Yunnan University, waiting for the "owners" of those cards in front of the library. While,"owners" refer to those who walked fast and frowned.

Jordan and his wife got married in Kunming.

Turning a empty house to a loving home

With time creeping on, Jordan has been living in Chenggong for about three years. Chenggong has definitely became his sweet home in China. Those lovely neighbors are not only his fresh food suppliers, but also his distant relatives.

Following the tender steps of season changing, Jordan loves being with friends and enjoying the natural beauty of Kunming. They hold a camera to record every little bit change in Spring. Then they will join local people to celebrate the Water-Sprinkling Festival of the Dai in Summer. He is always tortured by allergic rhinitis when Autumn comes to Kunming. But he still wanders like a free cloud in the street. Of course, he really enjoys the winter in Kunming since he can kiss the sunshine and meet with blossoming flowers as well.

Sometimes Jordan spares his time on the main city of Kunming. For instance, consuming exquisite cuisine in Yuanxi Street, being engrossed in wonderful sentences in book stores and having Tiramisu in Mazagran.

Most importantly, Jordan met with his wife Julia in Kunming. Julia is an American working in India. She visited her brother in March and got a chance to know Jordan. After a lot of conversations, both of them were steadfast that they want to company with each other for the rest of their life. As a result, they held their wedding in America and Kunming. At present, Julia is learning China in Kunming.

What is a home anyway? A roof? A bed? What does happiness mean? Jordan said, there are tons of happiness in one place named Home. Cozy life, trusted friends and the one make Kunming the best spot to stay.

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