Chairman of IDBF: Kunming is suitable for hosting World Dragon Boat Championships

[InKunming--Kunming] The 13th IDBF World Dragon Boat Championships kicked off in Kunming on October 17th. It represented that the world’s highest standard dragon boat competition came back to China again.

Why IDBF chose Kunming? What are the advantages of Kunming? In terms of these questions, InKunming interviewed chairman of IDBF Mike Thomas on October 17th.

Why IDBF chose Kunming to undertake the 13th IDBF World Dragon Boat Championships?

Mike Thomas: Each year, we hold IDBF World Dragon Boat Championships. One year it is for nations and the following year it is for clubs. First of all, China acually applys to host the championships, and then we decides which city in China to host it. Kunming was fortunately selected as the venue for the 13th IDBF World Dragon Boat Championships.

What are the most attactive qualities of Kunming in your opinion?

Mike Thomas: One of the qualities is that it is beautiful about Kunming. It is a wonderful area in China for teams to come and race. Teams are always excited about coming to race in China and Kunming, for it is a lovely location.

Kunming is very suitable for this championship. I mean, we have very good water here. The preparations for the championship have been very good. We hope of the next five days to have some very very exciting racing here.

What are the advantages of Kunming to undertake the championship?

Mike Thomas: I think, first of all, teams always want to come to China to race. Then, we have a very very beautiful lake to race on. Kunming, the city, with its attractions is the theme that acually brought teams here.

The other advantage of racing here it that the city is being close to the borders of Southeast Asian and South Asian countries. It means that teams can made it very easy to travel here from Malaysia, Indonesia and countries like that.

Dragon boat is a time-honored traditional sporting event in China. Why it is so popular worldwide?

Mike Thomas: Dragon boat racing is a cultural heritage of China. The IDBF is being fortunate to have the assitance of the Chinese Dragon Boat Association to develop the sport around the world.

Some of the attractions of the sport also are important reasons. Basicly, it is a large team sport. There are 22 people in a boat and people very much enjoy this partnership of working with other people to make the boat go quickly. It is that great teamwork sport which acually encourages people to take part.

The other theme for dragon boat is that it is very exciting. We have finals coming up on race day. We have 180 people racing across the finishing line in very very close seconds. The closeness of racing makes it exciting for both competitors and spectators.

Besides, dragon boat racing is of great health benefits that actually come through the sport and could encourage people to participate in active reaction. We also have a very large breast cancer division. Women actually find the activity of dragon boat racing helps some of their recovery.

Is this the first time that a championship is being held at such a high altitude?

Mike Thomas: Yes, this is the fisrt time that a championship is being held at this altitude. It was one of the concerns of teams before they came. They wondered what would be the effects of racing at this height. So, it has been a new experience for all of us. Teams have been out of that training. A lot of teams raced very close to sea level, and we are much higher than that now. It was a concern that people had, but that passed very quickly.

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