Chinese-Uzbek center for traditional medicine opens in Tashkent

Chinese-Uzbek center for traditional medicine has opened here in the Uzbek capital Tashkent on Monday to promote traditional Chinese medicine in the Central Asian nation and deepen bilateral relations between the two countries.

Due to coronavirus pandemic quarantine restrictions, diplomats and experts from both countries took part in an online conference to mark the opening of the center.

The center, which will start providing services in the coming days, combines treatment and rehabilitation as well as disease prevention, according to Wang Wanchun, Dean of Chinese-Uzbek center and professor of Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

"The center will adhere to the motto 'Save lives and treat patients,' and also performs a very important mission of promoting the culture of Chinese medicine and deepening Sino-Uzbek friendship," he said.

Chinese Ambassador to Uzbekistan Jiang Yan said in her opening remarks that traditional Chinese medicine is a treasure of the ancient Eastern culture and an important part of the world's medical heritage.

"During the anti-epidemic process, traditional Chinese medicine has once again shown the world its uniqueness. In recent years, traditional Chinese medicine has gradually spread worldwide and has become understandable in many countries," she said.

"This center will facilitate cooperation between traditional medicine in China and Uzbekistan and will make a positive contribution to the welfare of the local population," she added.

Uzbek ambassador to China Bakhtiyor Saidov noted that interaction in medical field has a huge untapped potential and is one of the promising areas of bilateral cooperation in the fields of science and education.

"In the future this center will become an important platform for the exchange of experience between Uzbek and Chinese specialists in the field of traditional and modern medicine, as well as in pharmaceuticals," he said.

The center has a traditional Chinese medicine culture exhibition hall, traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment area, Uzbek medical treatment area and remote consultation center, which can carry out traditional Chinese medicine characteristic service. 

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