Exquisite Bai ethnic costumes will be exhibited in Yunnan Provincial Museum


The typical costume of female Bai people

An exhibition of Bai ethnic costumes will be held in Yunnan Provincial Museum from June 13 to  August 16, and citizens can visit it for free. This exhibition will be divided into six parts to give people a better understanding of the dress culture of Bai nationality. 


Clothing with Fishtail Hats in Shangguan


Wedding costumes in Zhoucheng

Female Bai people in Dali area traditionally wear white dresses, sleeveless jackets of red, blue or black color, embroidered belts, loose trousers and elaborately embroidered shoes. Unmarried women wear a single pigtail on the top of the head, while married women roll their hair. Both unmarried and married women have headscarves that are designed to look like camellias in bloom which is one of the Bai people’s favorite flowers. The upper part of the headscarves is as white as snow and the lower half is embroidered with flowers. The tail of them falls down naturally on one’s shoulder, waving to and fro in the wind. The unusual appearance of these headscarves has earned them the name “the flower in the wind and the moon on a snowy night”.


Bride costume for female Bai in Binchuan  


Bai brides in Eryuan usually have the costume with "Phoenix Hat". 

Male Bai people that inhabit Dali area generally wear white front-buttoned shirt with black-collar jacket outside, white or blue trousers, white head wrappings and black cloth shoes.

However, because of different geographical environments, economical conditions and influences of neighboring nationalities, the Bai people’s costumes differ from area to area while retaining some similarities. 


Bai Brides in Jianchuan often have a piece of pure-white sheepskin over their shoulders, which is seen as a symbol of their industry and chastity.


Bai Brides in Heqing prefer to braid their hair into a single plait and tie it on the head, and then cover it with a handkerchief with embroidered patterns of flowers and butterflies. 

While the younger women predominantly wear bright clothes, the older women mainly dress in blue and black. Their sleeves, apron flowing tapes, and headscarves are often decorated with beautifully dyed patterns, stitched flowers, and embroidery. They also embellish their outfits with  jewellery, including silver earrings, hairpins, necklaces, and jade bracelets.


The costume of elderly women in Haidong

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