Town of Yunnan’s Luoping endowed with title of Buyi Style Town



[InKunming--YunnanLubuge, a town of Yunnan’s Luoping county, mainly containing Buyi people, won the title of Buyi Style Town recently. 



The town, having green mountains and clean streams, forms a very beautiful picture. Buyi people’s handicraft works, customs, and delicious foods are exhibited one by one in the town. 

Visitors who plan to travel in the town may get chances to taste Buyi people’s honey, lemon juice squeezed in the town, and fish caught from Wanfeng Lake, experience Buyi people’s festivals that are celebrated in different months, and watch local Buyi people make handicraft works like embroideries, proper wares, silver works, and so on. 



Until the end of 2018, 1.344 billion yuan has been used for construction of the town. The output value of featured industries within the town reached 1.13 billion yuan, accounting for 84% of the total output value of the town. In future, it may develop into a Buyi people’s town that owns international first-class level, awaiting worldwide travelers to visit. 



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