Dunhuang frescos art exhibition to be held in Kunming from Dec 6 to Feb 8 next year


In order to promote the traditional culture of Chinese nation, Yunnan World Expo Tourism Group and Dunhuang Academy China will hold the Dunhuang fine art exhibition in Kunming World Expo park from December 6th to Feburary 8th next year.

According to Bai who is a staff member of the Expo park, "the fine art exhibition of Dunhuang frescoes allows people in spring city to see Dunhuang frescoes and learn about Dunhuang art."

Based on the introduction, the area along the Dunhuang frescos art exhibition will display the reduction of Dunhuang art charm through sound, light, television, and digital technology. The exhibition will show including 66 Mogao grottoes murals digital hi-fi reproduction, several sutra literature and paper, and classical color plastic copies. The No. 3 cave and No. 285 cave of Mogao grottoes will be 1:1 originally copied and moved to spring city, being unveiled for the first time in Yunnan.

This exhibition will be displayed in the Jinxiu hall of China pavilion in the tourist area of the Expo park. Advanced booking only costs 50 RMB for one ticket.

There are 6 features of this exhibition including a close way to learn the art of Dunhuang, intelligent voice guide, getting variety of knowledge points, Dunhuang analyzing from cultural experts, wearing Han Chinese clothing to be personally on the scene and taking home the copy of murals.

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