Experience movable type printing on 2019 Creative Yunnan Culture Industries Expo


Audiences can experience movable type printing at the spot.

[InKunming--Kunming] The world's first movable type printing technology for printing paper books was made of porcelain materials and was invented around 1040 AD in China during the Northern Song Dynasty time. As one of the four great inventions, movable type printing technology made a huge difference in the history of printing. However, the advancement and development of machine producing industry has made movable type printing somehow inefficient over thousands of years.

2019 Creative Yunnan Culture Industries Expo kicked off at Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center on August 8. Those who are interested in movable type printing can go to the spot and take a good look.


Two lines of verse are printed in movable type printing.

On the spot, two lines of a poem attracted people’s attention because it wasn’t a piece of ordinary paper. The words on the paper were printed in movable type printing.


An audiences can experience movable type printing at the spot.

Zhang Wencai, the director of the movable type printing exhibition area, said that citizens can not only admire movable type printing but also experience them on the spot. They just need to choose fonts and two lines of a poem.

"In fact, the printing process isn’t complicated, but many people don’t know about it." Zhang introduced that Time Stamp is the first movable-type printing experience room in China. People can explore the four great inventions there. They brought 60,000 words for visitors to experience.

 "I hope more and more people can learn and inherit this ancient skill." Zhang emphasized that he arranges an experiential classroom at 2019 Creative Yunnan Culture Industries Expo. He calls for more people to be inheritors of carrying forward excellent traditional culture.

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