3 parks in Kunming to reopen after temporary closure amid epidemic


Xihua Park, Tanhua Temple Park and Jiaoye Park will reopen to visitors from March 9, over a month after its closure amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The parks will open from 9am to 4pm and will be disinfected. The visitor numbers will be controlled.


The details are as follows:

Xihua Park: the entrance is west gate on Xifu Road while the exit is the gate near South 2th Road. Temporary limiting will be imposed to control the number of visitors when it reaches 2,500.

Tanhua Temple Park: the entrance is west gate while the exit is south gate. Temporary limiting will be imposed to control the visitor number when it reaches 2,000.

Jiaoye Park: visitors are supposed to enter through west or east gate. Vehicles are not allowed. Restrictions will be imposed when the number of vehicle reaches 200 or the visitor reaches 1,500.


All the visitors to the park should take temperature detection and wear masks before entering, and scan the QR codes for in and out. If not, ID card and other valid documents need to be offered to register personal information and contact information. Pets aren’t allowed in the parks, as well as square dancing, chess, cards and other group activities. 


These 3 parks are free now. Other main parks in Kunming, like Daguan Park, Jindian Park, and Heilongtan Park will reopen later. 

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(Editors: Christine, Rachel)

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