A Cross-Cultural Journey of learning Chinese rubbing awaits you


People record their histories in different ways. For many Western peoples, the pen and paper were the primary means of recording the past. However, Chinese began recording their histories as far back as 2000 BCE by making carvings on objects such as bone, bronze, wood, and the like. They found that stone was the most durable material to preserve writings and pictorial representations.


By the beginning of the seventh century, or perhaps much earlier, the Chinese had found a method of making multiple copies of old inscribed records, using paper and ink. Rubbings (also known as inked squeezes) in effect “print” the inscription, making precise copies that can be carried away and distributed in considerable numbers.

In this video, Zhang Heng demonstrates the making of a Chinese rubbing. 

In order to provide a chance for foreigners who deeply love Chinese culture and characters, Kunming Information Hub plans to launch an event, A Cross-Cultural Journey, under the framework of Unveiling Yunnan on December 28. Foreigners can register for it from now on to December 26.


If you want to start a cross-cultural journey with Chinese art and learn more about Chinese culture, just grab this chance to register for the event. 


By the way, if you participate in this event, you can visit Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden and attend the Dunhuang fine art exhibition (more details: Dunhuang frescos art exhibition to be held in Kunming from Dec 6 to Feb 8 next year) for free. For your information, the tickets for the Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden and Dunhuang fine art exhibition are 65 RMB and 50 RMB for each person.


A Cross-Cultural Journey event agenda


The applying channel is open from now until 00:00 am on December 26.

How to apply?

1.Reply your COUNTRY+NAME+THE REASON WHY YOU WANT TO JOIN THIS EVENT after the post on Cailong Club.

2.Reply your COUNTRY+NAME+THE REASON WHY YOU WANT TO JOIN THIS EVENT after the post on Sina Weibo of Kunming Information Hub (昆明信息港).

3.Search “Kunming Information Hub” on Facebook and apply via the post.

4.Follow MyHomie on WeChat and register on its post about this event.

Applying Deadline:

00:00 am, December 26, 2019

Event time:

1:00 pm to 5:00 pm , December 28, 2019


The 2nd gate of Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden

People who cannot participate in this event can follow us on Sina Weibo. We will broadcast the whole process on it. 

Look forward to seeing you!

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