Seagull-watching season in Kunming starts from now on


Seagulls were flying under the blue sky in winter in Kunming city last year. [Su Wenqian/InKunming]

As Kunming people expected, the first batch of seagulls from Siberia have already arrived on October 22. They are available to be met and fed at the bank of Dianchi lake from now on, which means Kunming has started its seagull-watching season. The seagull food have put on production. With the increasing of seagulls, Kunming people will see them at Cuihu Park or beside Panlong river by the end of October. 



“We come from Heilongjiang. We have heard about Kunming’s seagulls for a long time. Although there are not many at present, we are very happy to see them.” Said a woman visiting from north China. At present, about 200 seagulls can be seen at Haigeng Park. Many visitors bring some bread to feed them, and take pictures with them.



Yang Ming, the senior director of Kunming Bird Association, said, “now the seagulls just landed, and more than a thousand had arrived. They are expected to enter Kunming city by the end of October and early November, when citizens will be able to see and feed them in the urban area.” Yang also referred that seagulls are in urgent need of energy after a long migration, so people can feed them with seagull food when they reach shore.


According to the producer of seagull food, more than 100 kilograms of seagull food have been supplied to retailers everywhere. Each bag weighs 100g, and costs 2.5 yuan. The seagull food made by a variety of nutrients are very good for the seagulls. Anyone who is willing to feed seagulls is supposed to buy at seagull-watching spot.

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