Kunming to hold seagulls cultural festival on New Year Day

A mom and her daughter feed black-headed gulls in Caohai Dam(草海大坝), Kunming. (Photo/ Tracy)

Visitors feed black-headed gulls in Caohai Dam, Kunming. (Photo/ Tracy)

Kunming's mild climate has been attracting the black-headed seagulls traveling from Siberia to the city to spend winters since 1985. The long-term migrants have become a tourism card of the city now.

The 7th Seagulls Cultural Festival is to kick off on the New Year Day in Kunming. A total of 15 activities will be launched in the ten days festival in Nanping Street(南屏街), Haigeng(海埂) areas, Kunming Zoo, and communities in the city.

Various activities will be launched in these venues. Moreover, the theme song and micro-film of the festival will be showed in large LED screens in order to better promote the festival.

The Seagulls Cultural Festival, which was called the Seagulls Festival before 2002, has been held annually since 2008. (Editors: Tracy, Lynn)

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