Kunming may make laws to protect black-headed seagulls

Visitors take a photo by the Green Lake Park at urban Kunming. (Photo/ Lynn)

A man feeds bread to a seagull. (Photo/ Lynn)

Recently, capturing black-headed seagulls for a photo has been a buzz on the Internet, a result in citizens’ worries about the long-term migrant to the city during the chilly winters. The sea gulls have traveled to Kunming from Siberia to spend the winter since 1985.

Kunming Bird Association proposes to make laws to protect the sea gulls.

"Kunming has released the Announcement of Black-headed Seagull Protection for five times. It is stipulated in the announcement that the black-headed seagull is a wild animal valuable for science research, economy, and sightseeing." said Yang Ming, deputy secretary of Kunming Bird Association.

Yang said that the announcement is to call for visitors to protect the seagulls. But trapping seagulls either for taking a photo or for fun is found increasingly. It is needed to issue laws to protect them.

"If you see people hurting or killing a seagull, you can call the police at 110," said a forestry police. Visitors should keep certain distance from the seagulls while feeding and taking photos. Though the punishment rules are not written in the existing rules for animal protection, anyone who violate the rules will be fined or prosecuted for criminal liability.

Li Chunguang, a lawyer, said that making a law specially to protect the seagulls may add the cost of law enforcement, since some visitors’ behaviors are not malicious subjectively though they lead to harms unintentionally. Sometimes, the justice departments may take pains or even fail to obtain evidences. He appeals to enhance the legal publication and education, and to public some severe damage behaviors to raise people’s notice as a warning.

Seagulls migrate to Kunming every winter, which has become an attraction and a tourism card of the city. (Photo/ Lynn)

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