Yunnan’s biggest go-karting park opened in Dushupu area


[InKunming--KunmingOn September 11, Yunnan’s biggest go-karting park set up at gas station service area officially opened to the public. The service area is called Dushupu, which is located between Kunming and Anning, being the biggest gas station service area in Yunnan province.


The park was built up by Yunnan Communications Investment Constructions Group Co. Ltd. (Short for YCIC) and Yunnan Xiongfeng Cars and Motorcycles Sport Club Co., Ltd. (Short for YXCMSC) together. Li Xiaochuan, the director of YCIC, said that drivers who felt tired on the highway or other citizens of Kunming could find a new kind of entertainment after the park was opened. 


The go-karting park not only includes go-karting tracks that serve for people’s recreation, but also have restaurants and hostels that could satisfy their necessities for foods and dwelling. In other words, the go-karting park in the Dushupu gas station service area could be treated as a tourist spot that could let people have fun and relax for several days.   

Li Xiaochuan noted that tracks of the go-karting park were designed according to international A level, and could be used for international race. YCIC and YXCMSC have invested 300 million yuan in the construction of the park, which covered over 70 mu in the Dushupu gas station service area. 


“The park was built up with the guide of Yunnan provincial governmental policy, representing the decision makers’ creation in China’s transportation industry and helping to let tired drivers or citizens could find fun near Kunming and Anning,” Li added. 

From November 22 to 24, a go-karting challenge is to be held in the park. Some racing drivers from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Laos will attend the challenge. People who are aged above 7 years old could enroll for the challenge. 3,000 yuan will be awarded to the first winner in the challenge group, while 5,000 yuan will be awarded to the first winner in the professional group. Anyone who likes to enroll could send an email to 

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