Chinese team enjoyed great achievements in Asian Dragon Boat Championships


[InKunming--Yunnan] The 5th Asian Dragon Boat Championships was successfully completed in Dali Bai Autonomous prefecture, Yunnan Province. The Chinese team has done well in the two-day championships and finally won the champion in the mixed 200 meters, the second place in women’s group 200 meters and the mixed 500 meters, and the third place in men’s group 200 meters.

The competition this year had a total of 12 races in 200 meter and 500 meter events. 185 athletes from 8 countries and regions including China, India, Myanmar and Philippines participated in it.

It is said that this competition was the last warm-up match before Asian Games which will be held in Jakarta in August. During the competition, each team had found out the merits and demerits of their own. Namely, it was the 5th Asian Dragon Boat Championships that provided them with direction to further strive for excellence.

Chi Huanqi, the coach of the Chinese team, scored 7.5 points for the overall performance of the team. He said, ”all the players need to practice more in aerobic training. They are pretty young and will make huge progress after one-year training. The upcoming China Dragon Boat Competition and other international matches are great opportunities for them to exercise.” 

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