Huahai Garden of Wanda Park opened in Xishuangbanna


[InKunming--Yunnan] Recently, Huahai Garden in the backyard of Wanda Park in Dai Autonomous Prefecture of Xishuangbanna in Yunnan was officially opened. The Huahai Garden covering 150 mu (100,000 square meters) is surrounded by sorts of flowers, such as Galsang flower, Gomphrena globosa L, Papaver rhoeas L, chrysanthemum and so on. They are planted in the wake of changing seasons. Looking upon the garden, it seems like an elliptical flower terrace where tourists can roam around.


It is understood that the opening of the Huahai Garden enriched Wanda Theme Park and it has become the fourth theme park there. On the day of opening, hundreds of thousands of people in groups visited the garden and had a great time in many activities, such as parent-child tour, posting videos competitions on Douyin application, race walking and treasure hunting, etc.


In fact, Xishuangbanna international tourism resort is the third large tourism project opened in China under Wanda Group which covers an area of 5.3 square kilometers and invested 16 billion yuan. It opened in September 26th, 2015 and is Wanda's first large-scale world-class outdoor theme park. Local characteristics of Xishuangbanna have been melted in the project. It is said that this park is comparable to Disney land.


The person in charge said that the Wanda park will be built as a park with the theme of flower in the future. At present, the Huahai Garden  is still in the trial operation. They will make efforts to improve the quality of the park according to the feedback of tourists.

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