Gorgeous jacaranda been settling in Kunming for 34 years

[InKunming--KunmingRecently, the jacaranda in Kunming becomes popular online, and many tourists are arriving in their droves to scenic spots in Kunming to admire them. These jacaranda trees with bright color were introduced from Algeria in 1984 and has been here for 34 years.


Jacaranda, as the most beautiful flowers on streets of Kunming, has purple petals with a poetry and amatory expression. The most distinctive jacaranda landscape happens in Jiaochangzhong Lu (Jiaochang Middle Road), about 2 kilometers. Hundreds of jacaranda trees stand on both sides, and each tree’s diameter is nearly 20 centimeters, forming a famous jacaranda view around China.


This is the earliest road to plant jacarandas in Kunming. In 1984, the Kunming Botany Institute firstly introduced this tree from Algeria, as well as delonix regia. Both of them are tall and beautiful, and are spectacular in flowering period. Jacaranda usually blooms from April and June, and last for one month.


Not only in Jiaochangzhong Lu, citizens also can admire jacaranda at Cuihu Park, Beijing Road, Qianwei West Road, Huanhu Road, Baohai Park and so on.

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