Chenggong-Chengjiang Expressway planned to be open to traffic on Sept. 30

Xiaoying Overpass (小营立交桥) is under construction.

[InKunming--Kunming]  Chenggong-Chengjiang Expressway (呈澄高速), which connects Chenggong District of Kunming and Chengjiang County (澄江), is planned to be open to traffic on September 30. The expressway was originally scheduled to finish construction at the end of the year.

Chenggong-Chengjiang Expressway is 40.228 kilometers long, of which sections that are being newly built and rebuilt are 25.52 kilometers long in total. Besides, the expressway includes a tunnel which is 1,816 meters long, three grand bridges which are 3,368 meters long in all, twelve major bridges which are 3,112 meters long altogether, and three medium bridges which are 198 meters in total.

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