Yunnan's oddity: eggs sold in bundles

[Photo/ Lin Jian]

[Photo/ Lin Jian]

[InKunming--YunnanIn Honghe prefecture of Yunnan province, a kind of folk custom "eggs sold in bundles" could be seen on the streets.

Countrywomen in the prefecture got used to packaging eggs in bundles with rice straw vertically and horizontally and selling eggs tied in those bundles.

As an old egg-packaging way, the folk custom has spread in the locality for thousand years and is completely in conformity with all factors that are required in packaging science.

The old egg-packaging way is normally known as one of the 18 oddities in Yunnan with special characteristics.

[Photo/ Lin Jian]

[Photo/ Lin Jian]

The packaging way may be considered as the oldest, the most eco-friendly and the most practical way applied in mountainous areas in the prefecture for countrywomen.

It might say that their ancestors are very smart to create the old egg-packaging way. Rice straw used for holding the eggs in bundles has functions for both keeping eggs fresh and decreasing shocking effects.

Meanwhile, egg-packaging rice straw that comes from the nature is inconsumable in the country. To countrywomen, they do not need to pay much for finding the low-cost materials to tie eggs in bundles.

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