23 South African giraffes to live in Kunming

Giraffes from South Africa will settle down in Yunnan Safari Park, Kunming. (Photo/ Zhang Wei)

Twenty-three giraffes from Johannesburg in South Africa were landed in Kunming on the afternoon of November 26. They will be settled down in Yunnan Safari Park of this new city after three hours’ airport quarantine, cage loading and transport. People can see these young giraffes at Yunnan Safari Park 44 days later, in January next year.

As introduced by a worker at Yunnan Safari Park, the average age of the giraffes is 1.5 years old and average height of them is 2.6 meters. They are imported to the city for population propagation and science research. These giraffes grew in a same population in South Africa. Social animals they are, 23 are introduced for breeding.

The retinue veterinarian from South Africa said as giraffes are in infancy, they are sensitive to a new environment. In view of their vulnerable digestive system, they are fed with hometown food now.

The new comers are arranged in 6-meter-high rooms in the park. Each room is equipped with two water tanks and feeding troughs. Ring-shaped observation corridor are designed around the rooms for ease of breeders’ daily jobs, on which they can touch the heads of giraffes by hands directly.

They will accommodate in rooms with the indoor temperature of 20 centigrade. As winter approaches in Kunming, the rooms will be heated by stoves. Such a method has been tested to be the most effective way.

Travel tips:

Yunnan Safari Park is situated at the north suburb of Kunming City and covers an area of 3,000 mu. A total of 18,000 animals are raised there.

How to get there:

Travelers can take the special line of No. 10, No. 235 buses run to the park from the downtown.

Admission: 50 yuan for adult

         Kids whose heights are under 1.2 meters are free for entry.

         Kids whose heights span from 1.2 meters to 1.4 meters should buy discounted tickets, 35 yuan/one.

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Giraffes are moved from the plane. (Photo/ Zhang Wei)

Giraffes are loaded on trucks. (Photo/ Zhang Wei)

The giraffes are loaded and transported to Yunnan Safari Park. (Photo/ Zhang Wei)

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