Experience quiet life in Xizhou Town


Located in the north of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Xizhou Town is about 34 km from Xiaguan Town. Facing E'hai Lake on the east, it is next to Cangshan Mountain on the west. Historically, it was a military fortress of the ancient Nanzhao Kingdom as well as the Nanzhao King's temporary palace.

Travel tips:

Food: Xizhou Cake

Transport: You can take a van to Xizhou Town from Dali Ancient Town or Xiaguan Town, and the ticket price is less than eight yuan. It takes about half an hour from Xiaguan to Xizhou.

Admission: 10 yuan for visiting local people's houses. You have to pay if you want to visit some houses of well-known families. These houses often have painted roofs and pillars, upturned eaves, and "dougong" systems (double bow-shaped brackets on columns supporting upturned eaves), which are unique to the Bai minority. Houses for visiting are closed at 18:00.

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