It's Almost Mushroom Season in Kunming

Recently, the volume of wild mushrooms traded at the Yunnan Mushuihua Wild Mushroom Trading Center has gradually increased. Currently, the daily average trading volume is around 10 tons, and prices have also decreased.


On the morning of June 2nd, the reporter arrived at the Yunnan Mushuihua Wild Mushroom Trading Center, where there was already a crowd of people. Currently, wild mushrooms available for sale at the market include boletus edulis, russula virescens, collybia albuminosa and so on.


Market vendor: "In the past couple of days, we have almost all the varieties available. Boletus edulis is also available. The quantity of orange milkcap is a bit low, but we have russula virescens. This morning, we have a lot of russula virescens and cantharellus cibarius. However, the price of russula virescens is a bit high. The price of boletus edulis has dropped, around 100 yuan. If you want to select the best quality ones, it will still cost over 300 yuan."


Market vendor: "Overall, the prices are still reasonable. A few weeks ago, there were some selling for over 2,000 yuan, and others selling for over 1,000 yuan. But these days, the prices are the most fair and reasonable."

Zhai Zhanshi, the head of the market department at the Yunnan Mushuihua Wild Mushroom Trading Center, explained, "Due to the dry weather, the daily volume is currently around 10 tons, which is much less than in previous years. Normally, by this time of year, the volume would be around 30 tons. Compared to previous years, the prices are relatively high, and there are fewer varieties available. Prices in recent times have been at least half the price of previous weeks, because the volume has increased in the past few days."


It is reported that the wild mushrooms sold at the market mainly come from Simao, with only a small portion coming from outside the province. Depending on the quality, the prices of different wild mushrooms vary. For example, collybia albuminosa at 300-1300 yuan/kg, russula virescens at 300-800 yuan/kg, and thelephora ganbajun at around 3000 yuan/kg.

These matters should be noticed

What should you do if you get mushroom poisoning? Those who experience dizziness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, irritability or other discomforts within 10 minutes to 72 hours after eating mushrooms should first take self-rescue measure such as inducing vomiting, and then seek medical treatment immediately.

Regardless of the severity of symptoms, all individuals who ate the mushrooms at the same meal should go to a nearby hospital immediately for observation and diagnosis.



◆A mushroom that has cap, skirt and volva is usually toxic. Don’t eat it.

◆Don’t eat mushrooms that can not easily be identified.

◆It is better not to eat different types of mushrooms at once. Accidentally eating several toadstools at the same time will increase the harm to the human body and the difficulty of medical treatment.

◆Don’t trust the so-called “folk method” to tell if a mushroom is poisonous. There is no scientific basis to judge whether the mushroom is poisonous by its color, juice or the maggots on it.

◆ Mushrooms must be cooked thoroughly.

◆Eating mushrooms is best without drinking alcohol. Alcohol may promote the absorption of toxins and may react with mushrooms to produce new toxins.

◆ Poisoning requires immediate medical attention.

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