CCTV's Recommendation of Kunming Becomes a Hit

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On the evening of May 9th, CCTV aired the program "China's Good Life Survey (2022-2023)," announcing the list of "China's Good Life Cities" for 2022-2023, with Kunming being selected as one of the "Top 10 Tourist Cities of Yearning." This marks the fourth consecutive year that Kunming has made the list. During the program, Xu Xiaomei, member of the Standing Committee of the Kunming Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Publicity Department of Kunming Municipal Party Committee, made a wonderful introduction to Kunming from the aspects of ecological environment and historical culture.

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Kunming was selected as one of the "Top 10 Tourist Cities of Yearning. 

Kunming, also known as the "City of Eternal Spring" and the "Flower City of Asia," is a city where flowers are everywhere. 38 years ago, 9 blue jacaranda trees from Africa traveled across the ocean and bloomed in Kunming. In that same year, black-headed gulls from Siberia flew over thousands of mountains and rivers and arrived in Kunming. In 2021, 15 Asian elephants traveled north to Kunming, attracting global attention to the harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. With spring-like weather and a flourishing environment, Kunming is a city where everything grows. It is also a historical and cultural city, where the musician Nie Er was born, the explorer Zheng He set out on his voyages, and the Southwest Associated University shone brightly. Rich history and culture make Kunming a city that people yearn for.

"Kunming, with its four seasons of spring-like weather, lucid water, green mountains, colorful flowers, is situated in the southwest of China and faces Southeast Asia. Moreover, the China-Laos Railway connects Kunming with the future, making it an even more attractive destination." The China Central Television program announced the "Top 10 Tourist Cities of Yearning" by playing a short video showcasing the cities. 

Based on its abundant resources, Kunming can satisfy tourists' various needs and desires. In this warm and sunny city, visitors can enjoy reading at the city's cozy bookstores, watch shows in the old courtyard theaters, take snap in cultural spaces in the commercial districts, and explore the history and culture of Kunming at National South-West Associated University and the Yunnan Military Lecture Room for Ground Force, as well as the "Nine Alleys and Thirteen Slopes" of Cuihu.


IWE Art Museum. 

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Citizens read books at Puyu Bookshop. 


Lianhuachi Courtyard Theater. 

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Yunnan Military Lecture Room for Ground Force. 

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Park 1903. 

Kunming is world-renowned for its mild climate with no severe cold in winter or scorching heat in summer, and its blue sky and bright sun create a spring-like temperature all year round. Even in July and August, when temperatures rise in other parts of the country, Kunming remains pleasantly. Kunming has received numerous awards, including the United Nations Human Settlements Programme's International Gold Award of "The International Awards For Liveable Communities," as well as the titles of "Best Summer Resort City," Runner-up of "Global Summer Resort City," and "China's Best Summer Resort City."

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A view of Kunming city. 

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Flowers were blooming under the blue sky in Kunming. 

Some say that a city's impression is deepened by its cuisine. In Kunming, one can experience a wonderful culinary journey by exploring its streets and alleys. Soft and chewy rice pancake, fragrant Yiliang roast duck, sweet rice-wine that sells hundreds of cans per day, unique douhua rice noodles...Kunming's cuisine is a must-try for visitors. Nowadays, Kunming's welcoming atmosphere, along with its distinctive local flavors, are attracting more and more visitors to experience the unique lifestyle of Yunnan.

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Begonia flowers.

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Flower feast.  

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Wild mushroom hot pot. 

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Yiliang roast duck. 

In the "City of Eternal Spring," flowers are in full bloom everywhere, with plum blossoms and camellias in January, peonies, rapeseed flowers, and papaya flowers in February, cherry blossoms, peach blossoms, and pear blossoms in March, rhododendrons in April, blue jacaranda and lantana flowers in May, and irises in June...Kunming offers colorful flowers to enjoy each month. These vibrant flowers under the blue sky showcase the charm and romance of the "Flower City of Asia" in all its glory.

Welcome to Kunming to experience the life people yearn for!

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