Abundant Seating: Find the Comforts of Kunming

Kunming is a city where people can take a break at any time, because there are many seats here!

A series of measures and related plans for Kunming's park development clearly depict the appearance of a park city, while the public seats on street corners, in parks, and along footpaths add a touch of warmth to the environment. 

The seats in Kunming's streets, with various designs and materials, not only provide rest areas for local residents and passersby, but also serve as a beautiful urban landscape, giving the city a sense of inclusiveness, thoughtfulness, and happiness, making it a more livable place.

Huanggong East Street. Photo from Red

Small seats to see a warm Kunming

Walking on the streets of Kunming, if you slow down your pace, you may see scenes like this: someone leaning on a seat, reading a book; someone sitting on a seat and carrying bags, gasping for breath; someone sitting on a seat and holding a cute pet dog, watching the hustle and bustle of the city... In different corners of the city, these seats witness people's busy lives and their various stories.

In the evening, on the banks of Daguan River, newly built wooden pavilions provide shade and rest for citizens. The flying eaves and upturned corners show a strong cultural atmosphere. In the alleys near Cuihu Park, stone seats and tables make the space like a city living room, where Chinese chess enthusiasts gather together to compete... Pavilions, benches, stone tables and seats all outline tranquil and peaceful pictures of a pleasant city.

Recently, the Kunming Municipal Forestry and Parks Bureau announced that Kunming will take Dianchi Lake and Western Mountains as green cores and drive the construction of garden city with "park+" and "+park" modes to strive to create a green and beautiful spring city that implements the new development concept and creates a high-quality life. The seats scattered throughout the streets of Kunming are contributing to the creation of a high-quality life in the garden city, showcasing the warmth and quality of Kunming.

Practicality and aesthetics of small seats beautify Kunming

The seats on the streets of Kunming are unique in shape, whether round, long, or square, and are colorful, with a variety of materials. They are a perfect part of the surrounding landscape, not only facilitate citizens' leisure and daily life, but also become the embellishments of the urban scenery.

After the transformation and upgrading, the back alleys of Kunming have integrated unique seats, making them more high-quality and attractive. Many seats are like works of art, beautiful and eye-catching, and are definitely great places for taking photos. The seats on pedestrian walkways in old streets and alleys such as Xinwen South Road and Huanggong East Street have attracted many people to take photos.

In addition, some small shops have added some shared seats outside their shops without affecting pedestrian traffic. The seats outside the shops are integrated with the shop signs and window displays, becoming a beautiful scenery in the streets and alleys.

The city is for the people. By organically integrating practicality and aesthetics, Kunming has created a beautiful urban space where people can sit in a "painting", highlighting the concept of the city serving the people and improving the quality of urban space significantly, gradually revealing Kunming's cultural characteristics.

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