Xiaoyucun, an Incredible Place to Visit

The blue sky is full of white clouds, many water fowls dwell in the vast Dianchi Lake as breeze gently blows. The traditional villages are well arranged along the ecological wetland, forming a beautiful scenery. This is what it is like in sunny days in the Xiaoyucun of Shangsuan Town, Jinning District. During the Spring Festival holidays, citizens have visited the beautiful place to have a wonderful time.


In recent years, the Xiaoyucun in Jinning has promoted the integration of agriculture, culture and tourism on the premise of protecting Dianchi Lake, and boosted businesses such as distinctive home-stay, fish food, camping site, agricultural cultural experience, and artistic creation space. The village has been selected as a provincial demonstration village for the construction of beautiful villages. Through the "ecological+tourism" development model, it highlights the experience of fishing culture. People can not only learn about the fishing culture, but also relax themselves by admiring picture scenery.


The clean water, green trees, blooming flowers and artistic houses can be seen everywhere in Xiaoyucun. Traditionally rammed earth walls tells the long history of the Xiaoyucun, attracting tourists to take photos here. "The scenery is so beautiful. I didn't expect there would be such a good place for holiday travel around before I came," said Ms. Zhou. The quaint villages are the first choice for the old generation to visit. "I used to live near a fishing village. It's very pleasant to come here during the Spring Festival, and I have recalled the nice memories of my childhood," said Uncle Li.


In addition to the beautiful scenery, there were many interesting events during the Spring Festival holidays. On the hustle-and-bustle fishing street, tourists can participate in cultural experience activities such as flower arrangement, handicraft, creative plaster painting, etc. At the camping base, Mr. Chen and his family cooked tea around the stove to taste a different flavor of New Year. He said, "The facilities here are complete and the scenery is good. It is great to stay with families during the Spring Festival holidays."


In the evening, people came to wait for the sunset, and prayed for a healthy and happy year. As the night fell, the scattered lights on the south bank of Dianchi Lake lighted up the night sky, and also ignited the "night economy" of the Xiaoyucun. The evening bar concert and bonfire party were very popular with young people. They enjoyed themselves and watched the fireworks here.

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