Qilin Watertown scenic area has become a new tourist hotspot



Golden autumn in October is the season of harvest. On a pleasant day in late autumn, besides the boundless rice, a patch of over 40 mu (around 2.6 hectares) of red sorghums in the Qilin Watertown scenic area on the outskirt of Qujing City has become a breath-taking tourist hotspot. Red sorghums sway and bow as the wind soars, rippling red waves, with migratory birds dancing at the lake against the backdrop of clear water and green mountains. This spectacular scene has attracted many visitors to come and take photos.



At present, Qilin Watertown scenic area with a free entry has become a recreational place for Qujing residents to relax. You can see thousands of hectares of lotus flowers in summer, golden wheat fields, red sorghums and metasequoia in autumn. In addition, you can go sightseeing on a boat, take a stroll along the trails or go cycling here.




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