Thousands of birds dance at a Honghe lotus pond


Zhong Canguo, a member of the China Photographers Association, was taking photos of birds by the lotus pond in Zhuyuan Township, Mile City, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture. He said, “Every autumn, I will come to the lotus pond to capture water birds. Egrets, Asian open-bill storks, and other birds are not afraid of humans.” 

The lotus pond in Zhuyuan Township covers an area of over 13 thousand mu (866 hectares), with layers of green lotus leaves scattering above the water. After a breeze, thousands of egrets, and storks fluttered their wings to soar into the sky. What a splendid scene!

In recent years, Zhuyuan Township has strengthened the ecological conservation of rivers and lakes, improved the greening of mountains, and developed pollution-free vegetables and lotus root cultivation. Zhuyuan Township also raised the awareness of bird protection in villages to form a good atmosphere of taking care of the environment and the wildlife. 

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(Editors: Ines, Christine)

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