2022 China Cybersecurity Week in Yunnan features creative products and intangible cultural heritage


On September 5, at the 2022 China Cybersecurity Week launch ceremony in Yunnan, the animated characters "Yun Xiao'an" and "Yun Xiaowei" cosplayed by people made an appearance on site. They were dressed in blue jackets with blue armor on the shoulders and held a shield and a sword, attracting many visitors to take photos.


Meanwhile, a series of cultural and creative works and intangible cultural heritage works with the theme of cybersecurity were also exhibited. A wide variety of peripheral products, together with catchy slogans about cybersecurity, added spice to the campaign and helped promote cybersecurity knowledge to the public.




Cultural creativity enlivens the campaign with themed IP

At the 2022 China Cybersecurity Week in Yunnan, the related cultural and creative products were released with the IP "Yun Xiao'an" and "Yun Xiaowei". 15 practical and good-looking cultural and creative products such as canvas bags, blue and white umbrellas, and "Yun Xiaowang" pillows drew much attention from guests. These products, designed for different scenarios in everyday life, helped raise public awareness of cybersecurity.

By using the high-tech method of the hologram, "Yun Xiao'an", "Yun Xiaowei" and "Yun Xiaowang" were vividly displayed at the launch ceremony.



Creation inspired by Chinese history and culture

Besides cultural and creative products, this event also incorporated the traditional Chinese art listed as intangible cultural heritage to help promote cybersecurity awareness. You can see cybersecurity posters made by paper-cut, "Yun Xiaowang" dough modeling, "Yun Xiaowei" super painting, and so forth. 




At the exhibition area, 4 successors of intangible cultural heritage, Yang Qihui, Yuanfeng, Cheng Fangyuan, and Zhang Heng, performed making paper-cutting, dough-modeling, sugar-painting, and "Chuanta".

In addition, the 2022 China Cybersecurity Week in Yunnan also used tile cats, well-known to Yunnan people, to make an IP "Wa Xiao'an" in the art form popular to the public. 



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