A naked-eye 3D video of Asian elephants shown on Yunnan's 8K outdoor screen

In order to celebrate Earth Day on April 22, promote biodiversity conservation, and tell the story of Asian elephants in Yunnan, a naked-eye 3D video of Asian elephants was recently displayed on the outdoor 8K screen at the intersection of Beijing Road and Dongfeng Road in Kunming City.


The video shows an Asian elephant and her baby walking across the waterfall in the dense jungle of Yunnan. With the immersive 3D technology, the elephants seem to step out of the screen.


An 8K ecological documentary, “Life of All Lives,” will be broadcast on CCTV-2 at 10pm from April 25 to 29, 2022. The film focuses on Yunnan’s flora and fauna to show the world the beauty of Yunnan. 

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(Editors: Christine, Ines)

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