Let's participate in "A Feast in Quest of Spring" of Tang Dynasty

In Kunming Expo Garden, an activity named "Spring Equinox among Traditional Chinese 24 Solar Terms: Qunwo Feast" was held. As spring breeze blew, in the green fields, some people wore costumes of Tang Dynasty, drinking tea and eating fruits and dim sum.


"Tanchun Feast" and "Qunwo Feast" were two kinds of picnics organized by officials' daughters in the capital of the Tang dynasty. According to the historical records, these feasts took place between "the Start of Spring" and "the Rain Water" because the ice is melting and the earth is reawakening at that time. Ladies brought tents, eating utensils, and drinking vessels to enjoy their leisure time in the suburbs. Since the feast was held in tents, we call it "Qunwo Feast" in Chinese (Qunwo means tent of skirts in English).


One of the most important events of "Qunwo Feast" was to go outdoors to enjoy the beautiful scenery of springtime and breathe the fresh air. Ladies would set tents and put wine vessels on tables. Then they either drank wine or did riddles or indited poems to express their pursuit and good wishes for spring. Until the sun went down, they would go back. 


Other activities include "Douhua," which means picking the most beautiful, valuable flowers worn by these ladies.


After visiting the garden, ladies would sit on the grass to have a feast. Around them were the tents of skirts, tied together and hung on the bamboo poles. In order to make the feast more seasonal, they cared much for the color, aroma, taste, and type of dishes and innovated new tableware, wine bottles, and food boxes. During that time, music sounds wafted, groups of ladies were walking through the gardens. What a bustling spectacular!



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