Colorful Yunnan in warm winter

Yunnan in winter is not all covered with white snow, but has kinds of colorful scenery, which well decorates this winter.

Snow scenery full of poetry, a landscape scroll composed by winter cherry blossoms, green trees, blue sky and clear water, metasequoia that melts with clean sky, the first sunshine over Yulong Snow Mountain in the morning, willow catkins that flutter in the light, elegant reeds, clean Cheng Lake as a mirror, starry sky above Yangzong Lake... Which scenery of colorful Yunnan in this warm winter could move your heart? 


Snow scenery in Yulong Snow Mountain [photo by Ma Dengke]


Cherry blossoms by Fuxian Lake [photo provided]


Orange metasequoia in Jinning South Dianchi National Wetland Park. [photo provided]


Sunshine illuminates the summit of Yulong Snow Mountain. [photo by He Xueqian]


A wintersweet bonsai in the park [photo by Chen Xiaoyang]


A student is taking pictures beside a gingko tree in Yunnan Normal University. [photo provided]


The morning mist melts away as the sun rises, discloses the willow catkins fluttering in the light. [photo provided]

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