Cambodia, as host of 13th ASEM Summit, vows to enhance multilateralism: PM

As the host of the 13th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Summit, Cambodia's priority is to enhance multilateralism in order to achieve a sustainable, inclusive, and resilient post-pandemic socio-economic recovery, Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen said here on Tuesday.

Speaking at the 11th Asia-Europe Parliamentary Partnership Meeting (ASEP11) via video conference, Hun Sen said the global peace and security are facing immense pressure and uncertainties due to intensifying geopolitical rivalries.

"In the context of such tense geopolitical rivalries, only a trust-based partnership allows us to preserve a multilateral system that guarantees world's peace, stability, growth and prosperity," he said.

"In this spirit, we all need to continue upholding the value of peace, and constantly explore necessary mechanisms to achieve this noble and cherished goal," he added.

Hun Sen said Cambodia is committed to strictly adhering to the principles of mutual respect, mutual learning, mutual understanding, mutual trust, and mutual interest to build the necessary foundation for implementing its multilateral foreign policy.

"Should there be no robust multilateralism, we cannot certainly solve the aforementioned issues as a whole," he said.

In his opening remarks at the ASEP11, Cambodia's National Assembly President Samdech Heng Samrin said international solidarity and multilateralism are the fundamental principles for maintaining peace, stability, progress and prosperity for the two regions and the world at large.

He also highlighted the importance of peace, saying that peace is the greatest prerequisite for the development of nations, regions and the world.

"A nation with peace is a nation with development," he said. "Peace and development must go hand in hand. However, a nation cannot achieve long-term stability if there is only peace without development."

Cambodia is due to host the 13th ASEM Summit on Nov. 25 and 26 via videoconference.

ASEM is comprised of 53 partners, including 21 Asian countries, 30 European countries, the ASEAN Secretariat, and the European Union.

Collectively, ASEM partners represent 65 percent of the global economy, 60 percent of the world's population, 55 percent of the world trade and 75 percent of the world tourism.

ASEM was founded in 1996 and Cambodia became its member in 2004. 

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