Another Asian elephant baby born in Kunming Zoo

Less than a month after the birth of an Asian elephant baby named “Guo Qing”, the Asian elephant family in Kunming Zoo has a new member. In the early morning on October 15, the female elephant "Ya Ming" gave birth to a male elephant baby in Kunming Zoo.

At the age of 31 this year, the mother elephant “Ya Ming”, was born and raised in Kunming Zoo. It is the 5th time that she gave birth to baby elephants. The father elephant “Zhong Bo” is the super“daddy”, and this newly born elephant is his 11th calf.

What makes zookeepers happy is that the baby elephant inherited long legs of his mother “Ya Ming”. Born at 5 am on October 15, the baby elephant could stand on his own after only 21 minutes of an early birth.

At present, all indicators of the newborn elephant are normal. The little elephant has showed a lively character and likes to play on thick and soft straw mats.  

Recently, elephant keepers are quite busy taking turns to take care of mother elephant and baby elephant 24 hours a day.

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(Editors:Ines, Rachel)

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