Amazing sand painting clip for COP15 released

“Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys, black-headed gulls and Yuanyang rice terraces and so on, ” those renowned scenic areas, rare species look so real and vivid on the sand paining. On October 10, the COP15 themed sand painting clip was officially released. 

The clip captured the process of making sand painting, using the four steps of Chinese regulated classic writing skills——opening, developing, changing and concluding to perform, and expressing the special texture of sands. All of these fully show the beautiful, rich and magical natural landscape, ethnic customs and diverse species of Yunnan. Due to the continuity and connection of sand paintings and the non-replicability of all sand paintings, the whole sand painting cannot be modified or repeated during the production process. A 80s girl named Yang Yuehan from Volunteer Work Department of Yunnan Preparatory Office for COP15 spent 150 hours in her spare time making this sand painting.

The sand painting video with the theme of “Building a dream of a new ecological era, volunteers gathering in colorful Yunnan,” shows well-known tourist attractions, ethnic customs and precious species in Yunnan, such as Dianchi West Mountain, black-headed gulls, Jinma square, Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys, Chuxiong solar calendar Park, Yi Torch Festival and so forth. Yang Yuehan used the beautiful composition, refreshing style and skillful techniques to depict the magnificent and overawing plateau snow peaks in Yunnan, the tropical rain forest that breeds life, the flowing rivers, and the incredible diversity of organisms... Finally, the video ends with the image of Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center, focusing on the convening of COP15 conference and displaying the invitation of Spring City.

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