Kunming area of Yunnan Pilot Free Trade Zone to attract talents all around the globe

In 2021, “Kunming Zimao Xing-overseas talents to serve China” activity in Yunnan was successfully held. The establishment of this platform provides an invaluable opportunity for Kunming area which is eagerly seeking talents. 


The aim of “Kunming Zimao Xing-overseas talents to serve China” activity in Yunnan was to promote the diversified, high-end and specialized talents aggregation, and deeply implement the strategy of reinforcing the region with talents. The activity invited 11 experts from Kunming University of Science and Technology, The First People’s Hospital of Yunnan Province and Yunnan Power Grid Co., Ltd. and so forth. During the activity, a service group made up by experts imparted experience, offered solutions and solved difficult problems in areas including cross-border e-commerce export tax rebate, cross-border logistics, equipment manufacturing industry and the development of new energy industry, business and financial services, medical and health care.

According to the data, as of August 31, the China (Yunnan) pilot Free Trade Zone in Kunming area (Kunming Economic Development Zone) had introduced 267 high-level talents and 4 high-level talent teams, an increase of 84% and 25% respectively compared with the same period last year. So far, the total number of talents in the region has reached 72,900, and the talent density has reached 26.7%.

The China (Yunnan) pilot Free Trade Zone in Kunming area (Kunming Economic Development Zone) is people-oriented, and ensures "logistics support", so that talents can devote themselves to work after entering the zone. In order to solve the housing problem, the Management Committee of Kunming area (Kunming Economic Development Zone) invested 162 million yuan to build 396 apartments for talents with the largest scale, the best environment and the highest standard in the province. All kinds of recognized talents can not only rent apartments and enjoy corresponding preferential policies, but also apply for a "talent green card". Areas with "talent green card" can provide services such as housing, settlement, spouse employment, children's enrollment, medical treatment, entry-exit and residence convenience, entrepreneurship support and so on.


The activity was carried out under the guidance of the Yunnan Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department and the Kunming Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. The purpose of Kunming Zimao Xing activity adheres to talent guidance, intellectual support and innovation drive, promotes resource sharing and industrial development. Giving full play to the intelligence of overseas talents to serve the country, and boosting the high-quality development of Kunming area of the pilot free trade zone through talent intelligence assistance.


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