An Asian water monitor spotted in Yunnan

A common Water Monitor (Asian water monitor), the national first-class protected animal, has been photographed in Nuozhadu Nature Reserve in Pu'er city, Yunnan province recently. 


The giant common water monitor is about 120 centimeters in length. It was feeding and playing in the stream when spotted. 

Lu Wen, the director of the Management Bureau of Nuozhadu Nature Reserve, introduced that this kind of lizard mainly lives in water, feeding on fish and decomposing bodies of other animals. Sometimes, they will climb out of the water to bask on the land, but move around discreetly along the streams most of the time. 

It was known that Asian water monitor had not been detected in this reserve for more than a decade. 

“We will purchase the research equipment needed to strengthen the monitor so as to master their living habit and protect them effectively,” Lu said. 

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