Taste of Yunnan: Stewed chicken in a clay pot


A mouth-watering pot of stewed chicken (Xinhua/ Li Dan)

In winter, people living in Jiangchuan District, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province often stew free range chicken in clay pots, which is nourishing and delicious. 


Wang Chenghui and his friend are adding wood into the fireplace. (Xinhua/ Li Dan) 

After years of hard work outside, Wang Chenghui, a native of Jiangchuan, finally decided to return to hometown and started running agritourism with his friends. Wang has contracted 70 acres of barren hills in Wangjiaying Village which is not far from his home, planted fruit trees and raised a large number of free range chicken, ducks and geese there. “I want more people to come here and experience the local conditions and customs of my hometown,” Wang said. 


Free range chicken was cooking in a locally fired clay pot. (Xinhua/ Li Dan)

According to Wang, many locals can make clay pots by themselves, and chicken cooked by pots are more delicious and its nutrients are easier to absorb by the body. 

When cooking the dish, Wang will only choose the free range chicken which are one years old or so, because their meat is the most suitable. “ We collect dead sticks and leaves from the woods and orchards as firewood. Then stew a chicken in a clay pot with mountain spring water. It seems easy to cook this dish, but it’s actually a big challenge to get the authentic flavor.” Wang said, and put two pieces of ginger, a small amount of wolfberry, an amomum tsao-ko, a star anise and two tangshens into a pot heated over the fireplace. 


Tender chicken with thick golden soup (Xinhua/ Li Dan)

Tender chicken with thick golden soup is the symbol of a successful pot of stewed chicken. Lift the lid off the pot and drink some soup, then you will feel satisfied. 


Steaming stewed chicken (Xinhua/ Li Dan)

“Stewed chicken in a clay pot is a must-order dish at every table,” Wang said. He hopes his  agritourism can make more people happy. 


Stewed chicken in a clay pot is well received by visitors and often placed right in the middle of the dinner table. (Xinhua/ Li Dan)

Wang often talks with customers when they are dining to get feedback to further improve his dishes. He also plants fruit tress like red bayberry, pear, cherry, mulberry and so on to cater visitors. “we plan to rich the tourism entertainment in the near future, so that visitors can not only taste delicacies, but also find back the happiness of their childhood,” He said. 

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