Gulv village, a good place to go on weekend

Have you ever thought about enjoying great outdoors and eating delicious foods at the end of the week? If your answer is “Yes”, then the Gulv village is a good choice. Located in the northwest of Tuanjie town, this village is only 30 kilometers away from Kunming, which is convenient to go. 


Gulv is surrounded by dense forests, and all the way to it you can see green mountains with light clouds rising from the remote valleys. 

Apart from the beautiful scenery, pepper chicken cooked by the locals is also popular among visitors. Along the road leading to Gulv, there are a lot of farmhouses providing this dish for visitors and you can choose one to enjoy your weekend. 

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Shredded into irregular pieces, the chicken is piled up on a large plate and the head is placed in the front for decoration. 

The dipping sauce is significant for pepper chicken. It is made of fresh green Sichuan pepper with stalks and leaves, rich hot chicken soup and special spices. The time for making it should just be right, because early or late work will not get the best flavour. 

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The spicy flavour of this sauce is strong and long-standing. Although your lip, tongue and even the whole mouth cavity will feel numb after having it, you just cannot stop from enjoying another delicious chicken. 

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Another dish you should taste in Gulv is the stir-fried mushrooms. This dish is highly popular among Yunnan people. But you should keep in mind that the best way to eat it is to pour mushrooms together with the oil on the rice and mix them, and you will get a special delicious taste. 

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The stinky tofu of Gulv is also recommended, although some people think it tastes strange. 

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Cured meat made in the most primitive way has the most authentic taste, which is admirable by natives and praised by outsiders. 

After the feast, you could go outside and appreciate the scenic beauty again. (Photo provided by 西米麓)

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