Celebrate a different Spring Festival this year

As the Spring Festival is approaching, people all around China are buying the purchases they’ll need for the festivity. Given the requirements of COVID-19 Prevention and Control, people are called on not to return to their hometowns to celebrate the festival, but stay where they live and work during the holiday to reduce personnel flow, which gives rise to a kind of “semi-cooked” Spring Festival Eve set meal.



Search for “Spring Festival Eve meal” on the take-out applications, you will find that the “semi-cooked” meal and the small set meal are popular this year. There is even a luxurious single set meal for person who celebrates the Spring Festival alone. 

Under the general trend of “staying in the local”, more convenient meal suitable for one to two people will better meet the needs of the young consumers. The set meal will be made by well-known restaurants or time-honored brand, and the price will be from hundreds to thousands yuan. In addition, the take-out applications will carry out shopping festival to facilitate consumers to buy goods online.


The Spring Festival is only three weeks away, people are ready for it now not only online but also offline. Each market has covered with decoration, creating a strong festive atmosphere. A great variety of food, clothing, couplets, wine, and even masks can satisfy the needs of consumers.


The good news for Kunming people this year is that fireworks are allowed in the urban area during the Spring Festival. Sales will begin from February 1, three days earlier than last year. Citizens who buy fireworks in large quantities should register with their real names. It should be noted that fireworks are prohibited in schools, hospitals, seagull habitats and other nine areas. 


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