Taste of Yunnan: braised duck and vegetable bun


Tangchi as a new emerging tourist town in Yangzonghai Lake area, Yunnan province, has some unique local delicacies, such as braised duck, vegetable bun and braised spareribs. 

A chef who is really good at cooking the cuisines mentioned above is called Yu Bo. Yu Bo had worked in catering industry of Dali, one of the most famous tourist attractions in Yunnan, for 6 years before he returned to his hometown Tangchi to run his own restaurant. He used 22 years here to develop more than 20 delicious dishes. 



Braised duck is one of the most popular dish in Tangchi. According to Yu Bo, choosing an old duck of good quality is essential for this dish, as ducks living longer tend to have chewier meat. Besides, sauce is also significant for this dish. The sauce used for this dish needs to be fermented more than 8 months, and only this aged sauce can make strongly fragrant and soft waxy ducks. After being fried, the duck still needs to be simmered more than 2 hours, which makes it a time-consuming dish. 



Vegetable bun is one delicacy that can be tasted only in Yu Bo’s restaurant because of its complex cooking process. Firstly, low-gluten flour is adopted in the kneading dough process. Secondly, the Chinese cabbage needs to be boiled in water before being chopped, dehydrated and evenly mixed with salt and sesame oil. After that, mashed agarics, shii-takes and daylilies will be separately cooked over low heat for an hour. They cannot be mixed until the time to make buns because earlier mixing may change their color and cannot make jade green buns. The steamed vegetable bun is tasty, refreshing and suitable for the elderly and children. 

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