Black-headed gulls enjoy warm winter in Dali

It is the time for black-headed gulls to enjoy the sunshine in Dali. When people walk into the Erhai Park in the morning, they can see a flock of black-headed gulls bathing in the sun, which is spectacular. 


The black-headed gulls fly 6,000 kilometers from the cold Siberia to winter in Dali as promised every year. At the beginning of November, the black-headed gulls arrived by appointment. Sometimes they fly up and down, or rest for a while in Little Putuo Island, where became a great gull-watching spot. Increasingly tourists come and see the gulls every day.



When spring comes, the black-headed gulls fly back. Namely, they serve as messengers of the winter.

The black-headed gulls are just like cute elves. They dance with each other while singing above Erhai. Sometimes they float in the water, or fly in flocks in nearby buildings.

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(Editors: Rachel, Christine) 

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