Another span of Bangladesh's longest Padma Bridge installed

China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group Co, Ltd (MBEC) has installed another span of Bangladesh's largest Padma Bridge, bringing a total of 5.25 km of its main structure into view so far.

About 6.15 km of the 25-meter-wide and 10-km-long bridge is being built over Padma River, one of the three major rivers in Bangladesh, while the remaining part is on its both banks.

Dewan Md Abdul Kader, manager of Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project from the Bangladeshi government's Bangladesh Bridge Authority, told reporters that the 3,140-ton span was placed on the pillars 8 and 9 of the bridge on Satuday evening.

With the installation of the 150-meter long span, the 35th among the 41 spans, he said about 5,250 meters of the bridge is now visible.

A total of four spans were installed on the bridge last month.

According to the official, all other spans would be set up gradually within this year.

Kader said the construction of the Padma Bridge is now in full swing despite the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

In December 2015, Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the main works of Padma Bridge project, the biggest of its kind in the country.

Apart from connecting nearly 30 million people in Bangladesh's southwest region to the rest of the country, the bridge will enhance regional trade and collaboration along the Asian highway No. 1 and the Trans-Asian railway network.

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