Panda Mao Zhu had a special birthday in Yunnan Wildlife Park

On July 26, nearly 50 tourists gathered around a special cake at the Panda House of Yunnan Wildlife Park , singing birthday songs in unison to celebrate the birth of panda Mao Zhu. 


The cake particularly designed for Maozhu consists of ice cubes, dragon fruits, half a cantaloupe, chopped apples and bamboo leaves. Besides, six bamboo shoots and some carrots are placed as decorations.  


Panda Mao Zhu found the cake immediately when it arrived and started to eat apples, which is its favorite fruit. It liked this birthday gift so much that even forgot to move its body, keeping its back to the tourists all the while. 


Keepers and tourists signing up for the party enjoyed a big birthday cake prepared by the park in a joyous atmosphere. 


“To take part in Mao Zhu’s birthday party, I brought my children here early this morning. We’re very happy,” Shen Jing said, who was eating the birthday cake. 

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